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SOLLOG Predicted Miami Building Collapse

Listen to SOLLOG Predicted Miami Building CollapseSOLLOG Predicted Miami Building Collapse   SOLLOG’s 2015 Summer Solstice Prophecy He had a vision of a Tall Building Collapse   SOLLOG discusses his Summer Solstice Prophecy How it ...

SOLLOG Podcast Grey’s Save Earth from Asteroid

Listen to SOLLOG Podcast Grey’s Save Earth from AsteroidSOLLOG Podcast Grey’s Save Earth from Asteroid   SOLLOG discusses the Grey’s and UFO’s   SOLLOG says UFO’S save Earth from Major Asteroid Strike in 2023 He also explains ...

SOLLOG Podcast UFO Disclosure

Listen to SOLLOG Podcast UFO DisclosureSOLLOG Podcast UFO Disclosure   SOLLOG discusses the recent UFO Disclosure US Military says UFOS ARE REAL   SOLLOG discusses his contact with Grey Aliens SOLLOG says UFOS save ...

SOLLOG Podcast Sollog Prophecies

Listen to SOLLOG Podcast Sollog PropheciesSOLLOG Podcast Sollog Prophecies   SOLLOG is a world famous modern Prophet His Prophecies were released from 1995 until 2016 Every major loss of life event for 25 Years ...

SOLLOG Podcast Great Quakes Prophecy

Listen to SOLLOG Podcast Great Quakes ProphecySOLLOG Podcast Great Quakes Prophecy   SOLLOG discusses his famous GREAT QUAKES Prophecy He also explains the Triangle of Fire These 3 Lines control 95% of Great Quakes over ...

SOLLOG Podcast

SOLLOG – Mystic – Prophet – Seer – Psychic

Author – Musician – Artist


The SOLLOG Prophecies are world famous and their amazing accuracy have made SOLLOG a top topic in the world of the Paranormal and Prophecy.

Hailed as the modern Nostradamus, SOLLOG is quick to point out Nostradamus was not as clear as SOLLOG in his Prophecies.

SOLLOG has author over 100 books, many on paranormal topics.

Over a dozen of his books have been made into Films.

SOLLOG has recorded over 100 songs.

Listen to the SOLLOG Podcast and hear SOLLOG discuss everything Paranormal.







It’s all on the SOLLOG Podcast.





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