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Hour 4: What's Next. For Beal?

Listen to Hour 4: What's Next. For Beal?Super Bowl Champion QB Doug Williams shares what he thinks about the Aaron Rodgers situation, the ascension of the black QB, his expectations for Lamar Jackson, and what he expects from the WFT. Also, ESPN NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins shares on what he thinks of the Russell Westbrook trade, if he likes the Lakers or Nets more, and what Bradley Beal should do.. Plus, TNT NBA Analyst Kenny Smith joins the show.

Hour 3: Rizzo A Good Fit In NY?

Listen to Hour 3: Rizzo A Good Fit In NY? Zach Wilson signed his rookie contract with the Jets and Bart has no concerns about him being behind. He needs to live up to expectations now. Also, ESPN Baseball Insider Buster Olney weighs in on how Anthony Rizzo fits with the Yankees and what else we should expect from the trade deadline. Plus, Woj joins the show.

Hour 2: Russ Goes To LA

Listen to Hour 2: Russ Goes To LABart Scott and Freddie Coleman discuss Russell Westbrook being traded to the Lakers. What does this mean for LeBron? Are they the favorites to win the title? Plus, ESPN NFL Reporter Kimberley A. Martin shares what she thinks of the Packers bringing back Randall Cobb. and ESPN Football Analyst Sam Acho on conference realignment in college football.

Hour 1: Cade to Detroit

Listen to Hour 1: Cade to DetroitBart Scott is pumped about Cade Cunningham going #1 to the Pistons. He and Freddie Coleman fill in for KJZ and ask with Russell Westbrook is being traded to the Lakers, what’s next for Bradley Beal. Plus, ESPN Chicago’s David Kaplan weighs in on the reaction to the Anthony Rizzo trade to the Yankees, if the Yankees might just be renting Rizzo and who the Cubs need to add still.

Hour 4: Better, But Not Enough For The Yankees?

Listen to Hour 4: Better, But Not Enough For The Yankees?Callers continue to weigh in on the Zach Wilson/Jets issues and Host of The Michael Kay Show Michael Kay stops by the comment on what the Yankees are getting with Joey Gallo, what New York needs to do next and why Max Scherzer isn’t going to happen. Plus co-host of Chiney & Golic Jr. Chiney Ogwumike previews the NBA Draft.

Hour 3: The Usual Suspects... The Jets

Listen to Hour 3: The Usual Suspects... The Jets Zach Wilson still has not signed a contract with the Jets and isn’t in camp yet. Sam Acho explains why he should wait to sign and how it’s more of an indictment on the organization than on Zach. Also, Oklahoma State Basketball Coach Mike Boynton shares insight on what Cade Cunningham will bring to the NBA, what the Pistons could be getting and how he feels about the direction of the Big 12.  

Hour 2: Handling Things In Green Bay

Listen to Hour 2: Handling Things In Green BaySam Acho, Ryan Smith and Bart Scott continue to discuss the latest with Aaron Rodgers and Texans' Deshaun Watson being back in camp. Plus, ESPN Milwaukee Jason Wilde shed light on the comments from Aaron Rodgers and how fans are feeling about it right now. Also, ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum comments on how Sean Payton could be caught off guard by the Michael Thomas surgery.

Hour 1: Press Conference Heat

Listen to Hour 1: Press Conference HeatRyan Smith, Bart Scott and Sam Acho shared their thoughts on Aaron Rodgers' press conference and Dak Prescott having shoulder soreness at Cowboys training camp. Plus: what’s it going to take to make Aaron Rodgers happy? How much influence will he have over free agency? ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum weighs in.

Hour 4: Will Jimmy G. Be The Guy?

Listen to Hour 4: Will Jimmy G. Be The Guy?Shae and Jordan react to some comments made from Matt Nagy and Jeff Passan, ESPN MLB Insider share insight about the MLB trade deadline and what to expect. Also, ESPN 49ers Reporter Nick Wagoner aids in the dispute of Shae and Jordan regarding who will start in San Fran.

Hour 3: Matt Nagy Joins

Listen to Hour 3: Matt Nagy JoinsESPN NFL analyst Marcus Spears joins Shae and Jordan to jump in on the conversation of the Giants and Saquon Barkley. He also gives some thoughts on the rest of the NFC East and who could come out on top. Plus, Bears head coach Matt Nagy joins the show to explain just what a QB competition consist of in Chicago.

Hour 2 : Is Jimmy G THAT Guy?

Listen to Hour 2 : Is Jimmy G THAT Guy?Shae and Jordan continue their dispute on if Jimmy Garoppolo is THE guy for San Fran and how big the competition in Chicago is between Justin Fields and Andy Dalton. Also, ESPN football analyst Greg McElroy gives some insight on the changing landscape of college football athletics.

Hour 1: Shocking Next Move

Listen to Hour 1: Shocking Next MoveShae and Jordan Cornette discuss Simone Biles withdrawing from individual all-around gymnastics competition at the Olympics to focus on mental health. The world was shocked but seems to be understanding of why. Also, ESPN Patriots reporter Mike Reiss jumps on to discuss just how clean of a slate the New England's quarterback room is.

Hour 4: Some Making Up To Do

Listen to Hour 4: Some Making Up To DoRob Demovsky says that Aaron Rodgers will “absolutely” have to make up with some of his teammates, which surprised Jordan. Shae and Jordan further discuss. Also, Host of The Paul Finebaum Show Paul Finebaum joins to speak on conference realignment, who benefits most from this, what’s next for the Big 12, and if Notre Dame will join a conference. 

Hour 3: Making Amends?

Listen to Hour 3: Making Amends?Aaron Rodgers & the Packers might be coming back together after making some concessions, but what does this mean for Packers fans? Shae and Jordan discuss. Plus, former MLB Player Will Middlebrooks weighs in on why the Yankees can’t be sellers at the trade deadline. Also, ESPN Packers Reporter Rob Demovsky on the concessions Rodgers had to make, why there will “absolutely” be teammates that need to make up with him and what the relationship is like with LaFleur vs. Murphy/Gutekunst.

Hour 2: It's The Packers And Everyone Else

Listen to Hour 2: It's The Packers And Everyone ElseWhich teams are standing in the way of the Packers winning a Super Bowl? Shae explains why it’s not the Bears. Jordan thinks it’s the Rams. Both agree that obviously the Bucs are a big threat. Plus, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter brings insight on the latest with Aaron Rodgers, what it’ll take to get him back to camp, and the latest with Deshaun Watson. Also, what will conference realignment mean for college sports?

Hour 1: Coming To Terms

Listen to Hour 1: Coming To TermsShae and Jordan weigh in on Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and discusses who's coming out the winner: the QB or the org? ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum comes aboard to share what else we might expect to see from this deal between Rodgers & the Packers, why the front office had to sell Rodgers on legacy, and how the Deshaun Watson situation should be handled.

Hour 4: Super Conference?

Listen to Hour 4: Super Conference?Packers training camp begins tomorrow and Shae and Jordan discuss why all eyes will be on the team and Aaron Rodgers. Also, The Madden 22 stats are being revealed and they are releasing the Top 10 WR ratings for the position. Plus, Heather Dinich, College Football Senior Writer, joins the show to shed some light on what could happen with the Big 12.

Hour 3: Houston, We STILL Have A Problem

Listen to Hour 3:  Houston, We STILL Have A ProblemShae and Jordan share their thoughts on Deshaun Watson, who has reported to camp amid problems and requests of trades. Plus, ESPN Cleveland's Emmett Golden joins the show to discuss the comments of Odell Beckham and if the Browns can find a way to the Super Bowl. Also, ESPN NBA Insider Brian Windhorst discusses what on EARTH is going on with Team USA.

Hour 2: Who Dey?

Listen to Hour 2: Who Dey?Jordan has a deep love for the Bengals. Mike Daniels compared his beloved Joe Burrow to Aaron Rodgers and it has Jordan hyped. Also, ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano joins the show to share some kind of an update on Aaron Rodgers. Plus, the crew plays "Hot News or Not News" and weigh in on the fall of the Big 12.

Hour 1: The Last Dance in Green Bay?

Listen to Hour 1: The Last Dance in Green Bay?Shae and Jordan Cornette fill in for the crew and discuss if Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, both posting the same picture from The Last Dance on Instagram, have a subliminal message. The two also discuss Deshaun Watson, Team USA dropping it's opening game against France, and welcome in ESPN Buccaneers reporter Jenna Laine discuss Tampa Bay reporting to camp.

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