Luminary Now Offers an Annual Plan

If you were interested in getting one of Luminary’s Plans, but didn’t quite have the money for it before – now may be your chance. They have lowered the price of their Monthly Plan and have created an Annual plan.

Luminary’s Monthly Plan is $4.99/month after the 7-day free trial ends. Those who select this plan will be auto-billed monthly. You can cancel at any time. HotPod reported that the price of the Monthly Plan used to be $7.99.

Luminary’s brand new Annual Plan is $2.99/month after the 7-day free trial is over. Those who select this plan will be auto-billed annually. The first year will cost $34.99.

Those who aren’t interested in either of those two plans can continue with the free limited account. The free plan allows you to access 500,000+ shows you already listen to and love. You also get personalized recommendations that learn your listening style. The free plan includes ads

Some have asked Luminary why they are hearing ads if they are subscribed to a Premium plan. Luminary explains that you are hearing advertising in widely available podcasts that are available to all users of the Luminary app. According to Luminary, the advertising is controlled by the creators of the podcasts.

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