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136 - Andre Iguodala - 7/1/2020

Listen to 136 - Andre Iguodala  - 7/1/2020Andre Iguodala on heading to the Orlando campus, keeping Black Lives Matter in focus, starting his career with Iverson, trying to play golf with Mike Jordan, loving Rory, and two incredible stories on Khalid El-Amin and Klay Thompson.

135 - Eric Weddle - 6/24/2020

Listen to 135 - Eric Weddle   - 6/24/2020Eric Weddle on the whirlwind of retiring, finding new purpose, being inspired by Kobe, why the Ravens years meant so much, Black Lives Matter, COVID and the 2020 NFL season, and Phil Rivers on the Colts.

134 - Daniel Cormier - 6/17/2020

Listen to 134 - Daniel Cormier   - 6/17/2020Daniel Cormier on the trilogy with Stipe, what went wrong in the second fight, resting and recovering as a 41-year-old, retiring in an empty arena, closing the book on Bones Jones, and so much more.

133 - Nate Boyer - 6/10/2020

Listen to 133 - Nate Boyer   - 6/10/2020Nate Boyer on the death of George Floyd, why kneeling players are patriotic, the American Dream vs. the American Nightmare, police reform, and why he's so inspired by the protests.

132 - Jimmy Connors - 6/3/2020

Listen to 132 - Jimmy Connors  - 6/3/2020Jimmy Connors on the '91 US Open, the era of real rivalries, and never taking a second for granted. Brett Connors on seeing it all, choosing golf over tennis, and Ilie Năstase, a.k.a. Uncle Nasty.

131 - David Boreanaz - 5/27/2020

Listen to 131 - David Boreanaz - 5/27/2020David Boreanaz on becoming a Philly fan, choosing acting over sports, auditioning against Bradley Cooper, working on Married With Children, shadowing SEALs, not getting exposed, and more.

130 - Brandon Boyd - 5/20/2020

Listen to 130 - Brandon Boyd   - 5/20/2020Brandon Boyd of Incubus on the surprise of success, the hypnotic and humbling ocean, the first time he heard his voice, why nerves are informative, staying out of the comments section, the process of creating art, Calabasas High School, and so much more.

129 - Bill Wennington - 5/13/2020

Listen to 129 - Bill Wennington   - 5/13/2020Bill Wennington on why Mike got emotional in episode 7, Scottie's leadership style when it was his team, why Phil was the perfect coach, what it was like playing with Rodman, if the Bulls could have ripped one more title, and so much more.

128 - Brooks Koepka - 5/7/2020

Listen to 128 - Brooks Koepka   - 5/7/2020Brooks Koepka on shopping for a home gym at Walmart, chirping with MJ on the track, hanging with "Uncle" John Daly, growing the game the non-traditional way, his preferred brand of chaw, and so much more.

127 - Stacey King - 4/29/2020

Listen to 127 - Stacey King   - 4/29/2020Stacey King on mixing up Dave Corzine and Phil Jackson, rubbing Mike's shoulders for good luck, Scottie's migraine, beating Detroit, Rodman's Vegas bender, and so much more.

126 - B.J. Armstrong - 4/22/2020

Listen to 126 - B.J. Armstrong   - 4/22/2020BJ Armstrong with some incredible insight on The Last Dance, getting over on the Pistons, Scottie's contract, Jerry Krause's perspective, trying to keep up with Mike's soul-snatching mindset, and everything else that made MJ the GOAT.

125 - Michael Imperioli - 4/15/2020

Listen to 125 - Michael Imperioli   - 4/15/2020Michael Imperioli on watching The Sopranos years later, what he loved about the show, James Gandolfini's presence on set, the challenges of playing Christopher, his new podcast Talking Sopranos, and so much more.

124 - Tony Hawk - 4/8/2020

Listen to 124 - Tony Hawk - 4/8/2020Tony Hawk on hanging with Evel Knievel, practicing the 900 for 10 years, how the video game series changed his life, fighting the sellout narrative, The Simpsons, why he never left San Diego, and so much more.

123 - Michael Bisping - 4/1/2020

Listen to 123 - Michael Bisping  - 4/1/2020Michael Bisping on landing a perfect punch, nearly losing his sight in both eyes, talking legendary junk, his new drinking schedule, and an absolutely incredible Jorge Masvidal story.

122 - Matt "Money" Smith -3/25/2020

Listen to 122 - Matt "Money" Smith   -3/25/2020Matt "Money" Smith on going from pre-law to music to sports, the great advice Jimmy Kimmel gave him, KROQ giving him his big break before a Dead show, guest-hosting the Jungle, doing radio in the COVID-19 era, and...SILK BRAH?!

121 - Tim Grover - 3/18/2020

Listen to 121 - Tim Grover  - 3/18/2020Tim Grover on training MJ and Kobe, not believing in cheat days, why showing up is none of the battle, how to development an elite mindset, staying fit during the COVID-19 outbreak, and tapping into your dark side.

120 - Caron Butler - 3/11/2020

Listen to 120 - Caron Butler - 3/11/2020Caron Butler on making Kobe proud, the Bron/Brow pairing, Pat Riley's addiction to greatness, selling drugs as a kid, playing his way into UCONN, and going from patty-flipper to owner/tycoon. Real talk.

119 - Matt Barnes - 3/4/2020

Listen to 119 - Matt Barnes  - 3/4/2020Matt Barnes on his bond with Kobe, podcasting with Stack, smoking tree during his career, playing the bad guy, if the Lakers have enough, the Long Beach Jam, and so much more. 

118 - Scott Pioli - 2/26/2020

Listen to 118 - Scott Pioli   - 2/26/2020Scott Pioli with some all-time stories on breaking into the business with Bill Belichick, choosing between Hood and Parcells, what he misses about the game, why he's an "awful" loser, and how he paid it forward with Katie Sowers.

117 - Trevor Moawad - 2/19/2020

Listen to 117 - Trevor Moawad    - 2/19/2020Trevor Moawad on doing simple better, going from average to great, minimizing negativity, mastering neutral thought, how to hit the reset button, using what you have, listening to external language, and so much more. 

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