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LeBron Signs Extension with Lakers

Listen to LeBron Signs Extension with LakersLeBron has quieted the whispers, he signs a 2-year $97.1M extension with the Los Angeles Lakers, and here at J&J we do a DEEP dive on what it means for L.A., what it means for his all-time scoring chase, what it means for his legacy as a Laker, and what the future looks like for LeBron in the purple & gold. But there's more! Aaron Rodgers holds a meeting with the wideouts he just publicly scolded, the Lions have a dustup with the Colts, and the Liberty shock the Sky in the first game of the WNBA playoffs. Also, stick around for pod exclusive where Jalen talks about Larry Bird, Magic, and Lionel Richie's real estate in Beverly Hills. Tap in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Listen to SPIDA TRADE TALKS BACK ON?Jalen & Jacoby talk through the potential trade of Donovan Mitchell: Do the Knicks have enough to get it done? SHOULD the Knicks cash in their chips for Mitchell? And do the pieces fit if-and-when it gets done? Plus! LeBron speaks out about his son Bronny's college recruitment, and the rumors swirling around him, Aaron Rodgers has strong words for his young wideouts, and they're cutting hair in the Bronx Bombers bleachers? Nah, we gotta talk about it. Tap in!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Durant & Tatum Working Out a Big Deal?

Listen to Durant & Tatum Working Out a Big Deal?Jalen & Jacoby discuss Kevin Durant’s love of basketball and why he’s clearly NOT walking away from the game. BUT is KD working out with Jayson Tatum a big deal or not? Bronny James went off vs the France U-18 Team. What’s his path to the NBA, and will it involve college basketball? The guys recap the best clips from Draymond Green’s wedding. PLUS, it’s time to prep for fantasy football season, and Jacoby is guaranteed to draft a QB waaay too early. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Trey Lance impresses, Watson struggles

Listen to Trey Lance impresses, Watson strugglesJalen & Jacoby discuss Deshaun Watson’s apology before his first Browns’ preseason game. Is it too little too late for the Cleveland QB? Find out what it means for the Browns as they move forward this season. Also, Trey Lance shines in his first preseason game for the new look 49ers. Jimmy G took them to the Super Bowl in 2019, but does Trey Lance give them the best chance to win it all? Listen to hear the guys take on the second year QB. Plus, Lamar Jackson vows to break contract negotiations once week 1 begins. Is Lamar on the way out? Also, Giannis says everybody wants to play for Chicago including himself? Wait, we need to discuss this one. All that and more… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Voicemail Friday - Relationship Advice

Listen to Voicemail Friday - Relationship AdviceJalen & Jacoby let the people control the content answering all of your voicemail questions ranging from career advice, relationship drama and changes in life. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Jimmy G to Cleveland? Patriots New Process

Listen to Jimmy G to Cleveland? Patriots New ProcessThe Browns are now looking at Jimmy G as a potential replacement if Deshaun Watson is suspended for more games. Find out if the guys think Jimmy G is a viable option for the Browns or if they should stick with the QB already on their roster. A couple of preseason games got us early looks at a few teams. Rookie Malik Willis has an impressive start, but it ultimately benched for indecisiveness. Did we see enough to show a QB battle brewing in Tennessee? Also, the Patriots are going through a “process” right now as Bill Belichick switches offensive coordinators mid game. Find out what this means for their chances going forward. Plus, NBA decides to retire #6 in honor of Bill Russell. Listen as the guys breakdown this decision.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Watson to start…Lamar looking for his contract

Listen to Watson to start…Lamar looking for his contractDeshaun Watson is slated to start the first preseason game as he awaits a ruling from the NFL’s appeal. Jalen & Jacoby breakdown why the Cleveland Browns decided to make this move. Also, Lamar Jackson is still looking for his next big contract, but will he get it before the start of the season? Find out it if the guys think that Lamar needs that contract today. Plus, the guys breakdown the NFC East win totals for Vegas. Did they get the Cowboys record, correct? Or is there another team on Jalen’s radar that could win the division? Listen to find out which team it could be. And does KD want a reunion with James Harden in Philly? Jalen says noooo way. Find out why and much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

NFL Commish Speaks on Watson, and KD wants New Leadership

Listen to NFL Commish Speaks on Watson, and KD wants New LeadershipJalen and Jacoby talk about the Roger Goodell's comments on the Watson suspension, and whether the discipline should be extended. Discuss if the Patriots offense broken, and KD giving Joe Tsai an ultimatum. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Kenny Anderson and a KD Ultimatum?!

Listen to Kenny Anderson and a KD Ultimatum?!Jalen & Jacoby do a deep dive on the latest episode of "As the Nets Turn" with KD reportedly telling Nets owner Joe Tsai, "It's me, or them (GM Sean Marks and Head Coach Steve Nash)." What will they do? What SHOULD they do? And how did we get here? The guys break it all down for you. Plus an NYC Point God grabs the reins on our team, as New York Hoops Legend Kenny Anderson joins the show to talk the Showtime Doc, best handles on the planet, his middle part hairstyle, and everything in between. Hop on and run with us.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Dejounte and Paolo Heat Up the Summer

Listen to Dejounte and Paolo Heat Up the SummerSummer League games continue but watch out as there’s now some drama. Dejounte Murray disrespects Paolo Banchero with an off the backboard dunk which starts all kinds of drama on Instagram. Listen as Jalen & Jacoby breakdown this rivalry in the NBA. Plus, the guys rate other summer league highlights including one players’ disrespect on his own mother. And Luka looks like he might be in the best shape of his life, but does this mean an MVP season is on the horizon. Jalen gives you his prediction on Luka’s upcoming season. Also, the guys look at the remaining NBA free agents. Who can still make an impact, but who might not be on a roster this upcoming season? And, deliberately crashing your car because you’re running late? Oh, we need to break this one down. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Pod Exclusive: Pickup Basketball Blues

Listen to Pod Exclusive: Pickup Basketball BluesJalen and Jacoby answer your questions, and share their opinions on proper pickup Basketball etiquette and share some parenting advice. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Who’s More Motivated Than KD and Kyrie?

Listen to Who’s More Motivated Than KD and Kyrie?Jalen & Jacoby discuss what the Lakers and LeBron are likely discussing behind closed doors this offseason. It’s looking like KD and Kyrie will stay in Brooklyn. Derek Jeter addresses the gift basket rumor… but do we believe him? Trevor Lawrence had great things to say about Doug Pederson, but he’s really saying more about Urban Meyer. PLUS, Conor McGregor is living his best life and Jalen feels inspired on a Friday afternoon! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

How Much Leverage Does LeBron Have?

Listen to How Much Leverage Does LeBron Have?Jalen & Jacoby discuss if they expect LeBron to sign an extension with the Lakers OR will he keep the pressure on the front office. Aaron Rodgers says ayahuasca has made him a better teammate. Jalen tries to explain the plot to the 80’s classic ‘Road House’. PLUS, Soft Move or Boss Move - rich athletes going cheap on their Uber rides? All that and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Listen to LLOYD BANKS JOINS THE SHOW!Jalen & Jacoby tackle the two biggest personnel decisions in all of sports - What the Nets MIGHT do with Kevin Durant, and what the Nationals DID do with Juan Soto. Plus! The Dolphins dinged for "egregious" tampering, Jerry Jones firing shots at Jimmy Johnson, LeBron's family workout, and the one and only punchline king Lloyd Banks joins the show to talk about his new album COTI2, and the New York Knicks. And if you hang around, there's a story time session from Jalen you do NOT want to miss. Tap in! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Styles P Joins the Show

Listen to Styles P Joins the ShowStyles P talks to joins the show to talk about what it would be like for the Knicks to trade for Donovan Mitchell and also peels back the curtain on what it was like to work with the Notorious B.I.G. Also, tampering charges for the Knicks and 76ers? Why the guys liken it to jaywalking, there should be rules, but is it really enforceable? Plus another trade offer for GM Jalen for Kevin Durant. This time it’s the Memphis Grizzlies and it has Jalen thinking hard about accepting. Find out if he says yes. And Tiger was reportedly offered up to $800 million dollars to join the LIV. Listen to hear if the guys think that’s enough money to say yes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Watson suspended 6 games, Remembering Russell

Listen to Watson suspended 6 games, Remembering RussellJalen & Jacoby discuss Deshaun Watson’s 6 game suspension. After months of waiting on a ruling the guys discuss whether the punishment was enough or whether it should have been longer. We also bring in special correspondent Angela Rye to breakdown what it means for the Cleveland Browns, the NFL and for the fans. Listen to hear her thoughts on the most difficult thing to come from this ruling. Also, the guys remember the amazing career of Bill Russell both on the court, but also as an activist. Jalen tells what the icon means to him and how he helped shape his thinking. The greatest basketball player ever left the world a better place and for that we thank him. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Friday Voicemail Pod Exclusive!

Listen to Friday Voicemail Pod Exclusive!Jalen and Jacoby use their podcast exclusive time to answer your voicemail questions including their thoughts on sandals. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

NAV joins the show!

Listen to NAV joins the show!NAV joins the show to talk about his latest track, “Never Sleep”. He also gives his opinion about Kevin Durant coming to Toronto, but is NAV a die-hard Raptors fan or a die-easy? Also, Cavs are positioning themselves to have a ton of cap space next season and with LeBron on his final year of his contract with the Lakers, might we see a reunion next year? The guys talk about what the likelihood of LeBron returning home. Also, GM Jacoby wants to finalize this Donovan Mitchell trade, but will GM Jalen bite? Probably not. Plus, Kyler’s homework clause is removed from his contract. Jalen goes off on the situation that the Cardinals put Kyler in. Listen to hear why Jalen is all in on Kyler this year. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Harden’s Back, Back Again

Listen to Harden’s Back, Back AgainFinally…James Harden has Come BACK to Philadelphia! Jalen & Jacoby break down the Sixers title prospects, what to expect from Harden, and whether he can expect a max deal in his future! Plus, GM Jalen gets a call from the Clippers, Big Ben Sounds off on the “Youts” of today’s NFL, and we set aside 30 minutes to talk about Jimmy Butler’s hair. All that and more, tap in with the team!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Listen to GM JALEN ACCEPTS A KD TRADE?!?Jacoby has yet another Durant trade offer for GM Jalen, and this time he accepts it! (kinda?) The guys tackle Boston's dilemma, and Jayson Tatum's diplomatic response about trade rumors we he was just trying to go see a movie and chill. But what SHOULD Boston do? Plus Michigan's cupcake non-conference schedule, a young Jaguar star taking a fairly direct shot at Urban Meyer, Dan Campbell jumping into team workouts and making us feel like Lions are going 14-3 and some very important insight into the culture, region and race of your dog. All that and more, tap in with the team!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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