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No Hard Feelings

Listen to No Hard FeelingsJalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss Brady's comments on his time in New England this morning, when he knew he was moving on and an old interaction between young Jalen and Phil Jackson.

Paul Scheer

Listen to Paul ScheerZach talks to Paul Scheer of Black Monday and a million other things about his Clippers fandom (16:19), the Clippers transforming from underdogs to favorites, his comedy journey (30:25), "30 Rock," "Human Giant," and much more.

The Art of the Aquadump

Listen to The Art of the AquadumpKatie, Ashley, and Jay take charge of April by diving into some very needed host chat, then... there are sports! They discuss Wrestlemania (36:45), The UFC / Baseball BioDome (58:49), and Hologram Roger Goodell (1:36:23). There's also a somewhat tardy Bachelor Update (1:17:51), A Very Cavallari Update (1:42:33), French News of the Week (1:51:44), The Pick 3 Game (1:59:08), and so much more. Get in the KAJ, already.

What's Not to Love? Sizing Up Utah State QB Jordan Love

Listen to What's Not to Love? Sizing Up Utah State QB Jordan LoveJordan Love is one of the most divisive QBs entering this year's NFL Draft. He's known for his deep passes on the well as his numerous interceptions. Fans and critics alike are curious to see if Love will live up to his potential, or if his flaws as a player will prove too big to ignore. ESPN's Tim Keown joins the show to explore Love's football prowess, as well as his complicated past.

Why Did MJ Play Baseball?

Listen to Why Did MJ Play Baseball?Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss Brady-Belichick's relationship, MJ leaving the NBA to play baseball, Dana White's plan for UFC 249, the Bucs new uniforms and Jalen's fresh cut dilemma.

With The First Overall Pick

Listen to With The First Overall PickBill is first joined by Todd McShay as the two discuss the process of scouting quarterbacks and what is important to see from a QB. Then, Bill Connelly joins Bill to break down Joe Burrow's rise from QB transfer to most likely the first overall pick

Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe

Listen to Sue Bird and Megan RapinoeZach talks to Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe about life in quarantine, Megan becoming a worldwide celebrity (24:21), the future of their sports, the hardest they've laughed at a movie (55:34), much more.

MLB Has Plan to Play in May & Lessons from Korean Baseball

Listen to MLB Has Plan to Play in May & Lessons from Korean BaseballSources tell ESPN Senior MLB Insider Jeff Passan that Major League Baseball has a plan to resume in May, gathering all teams and isolating them in Arizona to minimize coronavirus risk. Hear the story of how that might work, and who's on board. Then, a firsthand look at how baseball has returned to South Korea. Scrimmages there are leading up to preseason games slated for later this month. Jeff Passan talks to pitcher Dan Straily, formerly of MLB, now of the Korean Baseball Organization's Lotte Giants, to detail the precautions his team is taking to keep their season on track amidst the pandemic.

Is Scottie Pippen Underappreciated?

Listen to Is Scottie Pippen Underappreciated?Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the NBA's hall of fame class, the Rams' interesting logo, how to perfectly cook crab legs and ask if Scottie Pippen underappreciated.

2020 NCAA Championships: If Only

Listen to 2020 NCAA Championships: If OnlyWhat if champions of men's and women's college basketball were somehow able to be crowned in 2020? The NCAA canceled both tournaments due to COVID-19. If you can't help but wonder what "might" have happened, we have you covered. FiveThirtyEight's Neil Paine shares results from the data-crunching site's highly precise tournament simulations. And ESPN's Myron Medcalf gets to dream about who should hold the title from the men's and women's brackets this year.

Pau Gasol

Listen to Pau GasolZach talks to Pau Gasol about COVID-19, Kobe Bryant, his playing future, and more as part of the NBA's NBA Together campaign.

Making A Leap

Listen to Making A LeapJalen Rose and David Jacoby talk if drafting Tua is worth a gamble, Petyon Manning's mind games and family bonding.

JWO Unite

Listen to JWO UniteIt's a weird time but the gang assembles to preview Mania.

The Show Must Go On: Wrestlemania Is Still Happening

Listen to The Show Must Go On: Wrestlemania Is Still HappeningNo sports during quarantine? WWE begs to differ. It's broadcasting Wrestlemania 36 this weekend -- after recording it on a restricted set -- with no audience. How did WWE pull this off, and why does Wrestlemania seem to be such a touchstone in this moment? ESPN's Greg Wyshynski steps out of the crease and into the ring to talk about how and why WWE is carrying on through the crisis.

LeBron's Incredible Game 7

Listen to LeBron's Incredible Game 7Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the Cavs' 2016 Game 7 win over Warriors . Plus, LaMelo buys a team, Big Truss works out with AB and Jalen's Jordan memories. #GTGTPWTW

MVP Ballot with Bill Simmons

Listen to MVP Ballot with Bill SimmonsZach and The Ringer's Bill Simmons discuss their MVP ballots from 1 to 5.

Big Lessons of NFL Offseason

Listen to Big Lessons of NFL OffseasonTom Brady is a Buccaneer. DeAndre Hopkins is a Cardinal. And Cam Newton is still looking for a new home. NFL free agency in 2020 has been a wild ride so far, all while the uncertainty of this sports hiatus plays out in the background. ESPN NFL Insider Bill Barnwell joins the show to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has affected team decisions in the offseason, and the successes and failures in team deals so far.

The Great Ones

Listen to The Great OnesJalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Dame's comments on the ideas for the NBA to come back, guarding Michael Jordan and KD's 2K matchups.

The Board Game Bracket

Listen to The Board Game BracketThe KAJ get together for, can it be, the last day of March, to complete one last bracket: the best board games. They start with a voicemail about dominant hands (00:16), then dive into the sweet sixteen (30:38). Later, a voicemail about little victories (2:24:20).

ESPN Daily - The Essentials: The Fire That Saved the Packers

Listen to ESPN Daily - The Essentials: The Fire That Saved the PackersThe Green Bay Packers are seen as one of the NFL's most traditional franchises. Their midwestern, mom-and-pop approach to running the team sets them apart in today's cynical times. But did that reputation rise from the ashes of arson? Today, ESPN Senior Writer Dave Fleming tells a tale of a mysterious blaze that helped the Packers survive potential extinction.


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