2019 People’s Choice Podcast Awards Winners

The winners of the 2019 People’s Choice Podcast Awards were announced on the International Podcast Day livestream. If you missed it, you an watch a video of it on the People’s Choice Podcast Awards website.

The 2019 winners are:

The Adam Curry People’s Choice Award: The Fantasy Footballers

Arts: Dads Drinking Bourbon

Manager Tools Business Category: Big Girl Money

Comedy Category: Spitballers Podcast

Grammar Girl Education Category: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Rob Has a Podcast Entertainment Category: We’re Drunk & We Know Things

Games & Hobbies: The Reasons I’m Broke

Government & Organizations: The Impact

Health: Mental – The Podcast to Destigmatise Mental Health

Kids & Family: Mommies Tell All

Feast of Fools/Fun LGBTQ Category: If These Ovaries Could Talk

Coverville Podsafe Music Category: Switched on Pop

The Majority Report Politics & News Category: Today, Explained

Religion and Spirituality: Better Work Bitch

The Skeptics’ Guide Science & Medicine Category: STEM-Talk

Society-Culture: The Brain Candy Podcast

ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football Sports Category: 30 for 30 Podcasts

Storyteller – Drama: Real Life Real Crime

This Week in Tech Technology Category: Why’d You Push That Button?

TV & Film: Ellen on the Go

Visit the People’s Choice Podcast Awards website to see what podcasts were in the same category as the winners, and to view lists of past winners.

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